• Global Rules
  • No toxic behavior, racism or trolling.
  • No cheating, bugging or any abuse that is against the system
  • See a Cheater? Dont call out ingame, you can get muted for calling out cheaters, they will stop cheating and we can no longer inspect them.
  • Always respect the admin, even when you think they’re wrong.
  • Keep grieving to a minimal, no one likes being grieved
  • We hold the right to remove you from our servers without warning
  • General Rules

The Following are not permitted:

  • Use of bots, use of third-party software, bugs.
  • Pretending to be a member of Administration.
  • Flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK).
  • Advertisement, political propaganda.
  • Creating obstructions for other users.
  • Asking players if the want to leave the server to join another will result in a permanent ban
  • Teamspeak & Discord

The following are not permitted:

Text Chat:

  • Excessive spamming
  • Tryping in caps lock
  • Tagging everyone (Discord)


  • Soundboards
  • Playing music over your mic
  • Shouting in your mic
Avoid using foul language in any of these channels
About Us

SILK has been running since 2013 brininng you awesome servers to play on and make friends

Our Mission

We aim to create a big community filled with friendly people to team up and have a great gaming experience

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